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CJ  Murphy Tree Recycling Services has a range of experienced and competent Arborists, including level 5 consulting arborists.

All of our arborists have worked in various environments to assess and conduct Arborist reports and tree services. With the assistance of the most advanced equipment in the industry, our Arborists can carry out all types of tree work.

Our services include, standard pruning, formative pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, EWP (Elevated Work Platform) and crane work. Providing these services this allows our team to present the client with excellent care and maintenance on a tree every time.

Trees are part of the living environment and as such when maintained on a programmed basis to ensure maximum lifespan and healthy and safe structure.

Our Arborists assess the tree, and make a complete a report that meets industry standards. We can also create a Tree Management Plan (TMP). This plan is essential when creating an Arborist Report as it assesses all situations when maintaining a tree, whether that maybe standard pruning or complete tree removal. The Tree Management plan includes, the risks, council approval, the task at hand, and schedule of the most convenient time our Arborists can carry out the work.

CJ Murphy Tree Recycling always provides a hand on, enthusiastic approach with every service. If you need your trees to be assessed by a professional call us today!