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At CJ Murphy Tree Recycling Services, our trees division is a big part of what we do. We have the appropriate tools to complete all works no matter how big or small the job may be. Our crews are experts with thorough experience in all aspects of grounds and vegetation maintenance. This includes tree removal, forest mowing, mowing, slashing, brush cutting, edging, pruning, herbicide application and stump grinding.

Our IMS (Integrated Management System) allows our team to login to their location, and keep track of the works taking place. They then take photos of the maintenance and groundwork that they have completed on site to meet the highest standards for the client. The client then can easily access the information from the Integrated Management System upon request.

Here at CJ Murphy Tree Recycling Services, we hold the safety of our employees as well as the client and the surrounding public to the highest regard. Our systems and staff use the most current practices and procedures for work including those for traffic management including Road Occupancy Licences (ROL’S), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’S). We ensure our staff are trained and competent, our equipment is well maintained and meets the clients requirements, we use and have available all PPE required for tasks undertaken.