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Land clearing is another major service we provide at CJ Murphy Tree Recycling Services. This service includes the clearing of trees, stumps, shrubs and other obstacles that a client needs removed in order to use the land.

Land clearing works are a core aspect of our business and as such we have specialist equipment to ensure you job is carried out efficiently and safely.

Not only do we offer land clearing for new developments but we also offer our services to smaller residential jobs. Our crews have experience in all aspects of the project and meet the exact time frame and aim for the highest standards for the client every time.

Like the tree crews, our land clearing crews use our cloud based Integrated Management System to ensure prestart checks are completed, risks are assessed and clearly understood by all members of the crew The field processes for IMS include before and after photos and an automatic email at the completion of the works with photos. The client can review the project that has been carried out and request any further work.