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North West Recycling Centre is an Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approved green waste facility. We collect and convert products which include but are not limited to, Mulch, Soil mixes, Compost, and Turf underlay. North West Recycling Centre is essential for all gardeners, landscapers, tree recycling companies, local councils, agriculturalist to manage their green waste responsibilities in a sustainable manner.

North West Recycling Centre strongly believes in the three R’s Recovering Recycling and Reusing. We strive to provide each and every customer with smarter alternatives to better the environment. We provide a new and improved sustainability program that reduces carbon footprint for Government agencies and Australian businesses.

Our Facility collects natural untreated green waste then recycles it, then the waste turns into a compost, mulch and or a soil conditioner that can be used for all types purposes in parks and gardens. North West Recycling Centre adheres to the extension of the current and future of landfill life as they are only a green waste facility.

Some of the products that are made from the recycled waste include but are not limited to, Soil Conditioner which is highly nutritional for a garden bed. Forest Blend which is an excellent soil for erosion protection. Eucalyptus Mulch encourages microorganisms in soil. It can be used as a protective covering and suppresses weeds. Eucalyptus mulch is ideal for garden beds as it remains cool in summer while also maintaining moisture in the soil. Our Firewood has been specially hand picked from their log suppliers to provide customers with the best Firewood they can buy. The Firewood burns longer, has little smoke and ash and also reaches higher temperatures than regular Firewood.

Our friendly and welcoming staff are always happy to help. Simply either come to the recycling centre located in Riverstone with your waste or they will come to you during normal business hours. Our employees then will assist you disposing your green waste. North West Recycling Centre is obviously extremely environmentally friendly, cost effective, and highly reliable. To find out more information click here to view North West Recycling Website