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CJ Murphy Tree Recycling Service’s long term success has thrived from the innovative tools we use within our business to provide efficient and effective service for our valued clients. The tools we use give us an advantage against other competitors making us one of the most successful tree recycling companies within New South Wales.

CJ Murphy Tree Recycling Services has a purpose built and industry specific Integrated Management System (IMS). The IMS assists us in accurately recording thorough data for all stages of works, employee data, project data, accounts information and more. This system is reliable and an effective way to maintain our efficiency as a company. The IMS gives us a greater capacity to maximise our staff and equipment resources on each project to ensure it is completed on time and in budget as well as ensuring our client’s needs and requirements are met. Accessible onsite and through the office we are able to keep all information at hand and therefore provides a high advantage to our company.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) is used for many purposes within our company.
1. Scoping and quotation of works for our clients, following accepted quotations we utilise the system to move through the stages from this to the preparation of said projects, planning and then into the execution of commencing said project. The IMS enables us to track each individual job from commencement to completion.
2. The IMS enables us to manage workflow, consistency and gives a transparent tool to our managers and staff to cover all that is required by us to our clients. In return our client gains a trustworthy and cost-effective solution to their needs.
3. Our integrated Management System allows us to give clients relevant information and data of the whereabouts of our crew, what has been completed, the dates and also progression photos by an automated generated email sent b our system to the client daily. This then provides clear communication between CJ Murphy Tree Recycling Services and our client as this allows our clients to effectively project manage and plan their next stage in the project.
4. ALL employees are trained to use the IMS and we are constantly updating the system to keep up with the demand and requirements of our clients. The Integrated Management System stores all relevant data and is backed up at a location out of our Office. Our IT Manager whom is readily available to assist us where need be.

CJ Murphy own their own RMS G rated traffic control company. So whether it be a simple council street setup where witches hats and signs will be installed or a complex RTA road we have the advantage to submit traffic management plans and modify to suit our ROL (road occupancy license). Site setup will differ from site to site but our crews will be notified prior to commencement by our client services manager as to what equipment shall be required. All CJ Murphy staff are required prior to commencement of any duties onsite to log onto the system and complete our onsite hazard and risk assessment. Also prior to commencement our staff are required to complete operational plant and equipment checklist which are all available to our clients on request.

Another part of our commitment to satisfying our clients expectations at CJ Murphy is that our client services managers look at all avenues to create minimal disruption to residents and businesses. CJ Murphy has a generic notification flyer that allows us to do letter box drops for notification. We also have C class arrow boards which allow us to notify commuters of future works in the area if necessary.

In industrial, retail or business areas we can install night crews if necessary to minimise impact on business.When working in areas with other trades CJ Murphy will communicate with the necessary people to ensure the highest standards of safety are met and that the project can run as efficient as possible.

North West Recycling Centre is another one of our advantages here at CJ Murphy Tree Recycling Services. As it is one of our sister companies, they provide their own EPA Approved green waste recycling facility. This enables us to be proactive and environmentally friendly and take our green waste to this facility.  To find our more on North West Recycling click here… North west Recycling